Saturday, November 1, 2008

What do you want to learn from this book?

What questions do you have about the digital generation or how to more effectively communicate with them? Are you comfortable with using Internet and mobile technology to communicate?

Please share your thoughts on what you want to learn from this book. Use the comments area below or feel free to contact me directly.


  1. Jerry

    The idea of writing this book is excellent and would immensely benefit people every age group. In addition it will allow Boomers and Xer to connect with millennial already living in connected culture. I will you luck and any help I can provide would be a pleasure.


    Rakesh Bhargava

  2. In the world of advertising and commercial art, it is essential to keep up with the times. In order to best serve clients it is important to know how to use the latest digital and internet technology to reach targeted markets. This is what I hope to learn from this book. Best wishes to you, Jerry, on this important endeavor.

  3. Looks like a great book!

  4. The digital revolution has had an immediate and profound impact on the communication habits of our increasingly connected culture. Nowhere has this trend become more apparent than on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. I hope to learn more about using these sites to expand our reach and reputation within this target market.

  5. I agree, social networking is having a profound impact on our culture. Social networking is now going mobile, giving you anywhere access to your network of friends, groups and discussions, right on your mobile phone.


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