Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why You Need to Connect with the Digital Generation

As discussed in an earlier post, the Digital Generation communicates and socializes using digital media that allows them to contact one another and get the information they desire almost instantaneously. They feel as if their lives are made much simpler by this technology, meanwhile educators and administrators who are not comfortable with the technology may feel just the opposite. This gap in technological understanding will create an even larger communication gap. We must bridge this gap and help schools connect with today’s students on their technological level.

If words like “social networks” and “texting” make you feel uncomfortable and confused, it’s time to take some steps towards understanding the technology. These words are part of a student’s life and everyday vocabulary. Connected Culture will define these subjects in plain english, explain their uses and describe how you can utilize this media to your advantage and your schools’ advantage. Do you really understand Facebook, Twitter and search engines? These topics and more will be covered in Connected Culture so that you can learn how to harness their power to connect with the Digital Generation.

Digital media is such a huge part of students’ lives that in order to connect, communicate and interact with them you must have a greater understanding of the internet and mobile technology. Connected Culture is the way for you to make that connection and bridge the technological communication gap.